Kathy Acker and Gertrude Stein had family money.

There’s a big stressed sounding house fly in the bedroom.

Naughty cute Bean doesn’t get kicked off the desk. Actually they do.

There are two other developers working on this project for the client and the CEO is making gentle threats agains the big payout that is supposedly coming when the “deliverables” have been achieved. Stress is at the level of an unpleasant physical response to the Slack app notifications. The company has like thirty franchises that do physical rehab. Gotta be intense for the woman who’s running it.

Google and Amazon are way too fucking big. Big companies. Big government. What’s the difference. We are all theoretical shareholders in the government, but most of us are the irrelevant shareholders. Voting is like recycling. Recycling is like voting. We can feel like it makes a difference.

The stressed out fly is in here now. The only light in the house, aside from countless LED energy vampires.

Don’t look at the clock.

Seth Tobocman’s The Face of Struggle! What a blessing following the evolution of his powerful work these decades. The Peter Kuper intro traces the history of the graphic novel back to 1919 with the publication of a story told in a hundred sixty-something block prints. Going to give it to Ray, who will be influenced and inspired.

Still not looking at the clock.

Fly Orr

–stiLL wondering something