Suck, kinda. Disallowers.

DISDISDISDISDIS Acid. Fuck, people.

BFF got a haircut today from Rikki. From two feet to two inches. Grandfather reacts you look like one of those gays.

Ashirah auditioned for a show at Pensacola Little Theater. She plans to adapt the occupation of actor. Some of the moms in the hallway explained how they won’t allow their kids to major in music or theater. I’m not gonna support you your whole life.

She’s gonna be a teacher. She’s great with kids. She loves them. Reminded to check out our foodstamps application.

Greedy. Selfish. Hungry for more mathematics, algorithms, sound synthesis, deviant sex, experimental poetry.

This mom is a nurse. She serves the sick.

Rikki’s ass. Nice.

Thank you for reading this toilet paper.