Seems odd now that we even got erections with all the dope.

A problem with documenting these old memories is losing track of which stories are already in here. At the same time retellings are alright.

Previous to sex with Mike and Kim, erections were something that should happen on their own.

But Mike that bugout he’s much more of a sexual expert. He would do this thing where he’s doing a kundalini breath of fire and rapidly masturbating to get his curved dick as hard as possible by hand, and doing this empassioned begging thing with Kim. It was theatrical. And effective.

Always admire and bewildered by folks who seem totally comfortable with sex. Called Deegan one morning and began by asking what he was up to. “Oh just laying here in bed. Gina’s sucking my dick. Feels great.”

Mike directed me to fuck Kim from behind her skinny on-all-fours ass, goading me, faster, man, fuck her faster. That was still in my unable-to-come period.

Once knowing it was a thing, always kind of wished my dick was curved. Probably feels better in vaginas, or at least more easily hits some of the better spots. A lover once said my dick is perfectly shaped for anal sex, though experience in that area has been mostly limited to casual or at least non-commited relations.

Pretty sure Mike was going to fuck my then virgin ass, but Kim begged him not to and there was a sense that they had had previous regretful experiences.

Shame is a thing.