Squamous Cells

A cancer diagnosis is good as any reason for a post. Meeting oncologist on Monday. All the love and advice arrive, mostly very welcome. What an amazing community.

Seven day V.E. Irons fast: water, supplements, colonics.

Today's day three of the subsequent approach: oil pulling and gargling with coconut oil and turmeric; eating all vegetables and a tiny bit of fruit (three bites of banana); drinking Chinese herbs (prescribed by mi amigo Peter Shark); mushroom broth; lots of water and more supplements.

Ordered a recommended book on a Metabolic approach to cancer recovery. Jerry Jackson recovered from this, twenty years ago, through fasting and spiritual dedication. The doctor warned him he'd be dead in a year.

Self reflection. What do I do? Does this dream music serve anyone or anything but my ego?

Rivka and I are having sex again, after years of virtual celibacy. Frequently and joyfully.

Goodbye cigarettes and pizza. See you in another lifetime.