So, What’s the Answer?

Second followup with oncologist went well. Everything looks clear. No glowing spots. Will alternate between Dr. Rountree, the oncologist and Dr. Kotlarz, the ENT to be seen each quarter for the next five years. The standard routine.

Rivka and I are playing as a trio with Miguel Urbiztondo on drums. He's informed, passionate, song/singer-oriented and creative. Plus a good personality.

Finally discovering Audre Lorde: Poetry is not a Luxury, The Master's Tools Cannot Dismantle the Master's House, The Uses of Anger, The Uses of the Erotic.

Word. The erotic describes spiritual and sensual love, manifest. It's the measure of the meaning in our lives, or the meaningfulness of our occupations. A tool, she enlightens, which we can use to scrutinize our activity in relation to our destiny.

Stress and intenseness are the diet of my cancer cells. No sugar, no alcohol, no bread, no grain. There's nothing else for them to eat. Yet, it's not unlikely they are eating well.

Not sure what prayer is, but confident it involves peace.