Hip to the MetaVerse? I know of four websites where land in virtual, 3-D, alternate reality real estate can be bought, sold, traded, rented, developed. Crazy. They run on the Etherium blockchain. Perhaps others will develop on newer blockchains that have a lower carbon footprint than the processing-intensive "proof of work" approach to security and decentralization.

Superworld is mapped to planted Earth. It's newer, smaller and more affordable. Decentraland is governed by it's community of land-owners. It's the most established (and most expensive with land starting at about $5000 fiat.) CryptoVoxels is more pixilated, more affordable and from what I hear, more geared to, or at least more popular with artists. SomniumSpace is geared towards gamers.

Non-Fungible Tokens are becoming popular. There is a place in music for blockchain and perhaps NFTs as well. It's all very new and can be confusing.

Dream music project is going nicely. Am I Dreaming Now? Got serious about lucid dreaming in the last year or so as a means to having a sex life.

We sold for more than $20,000. Not sure what to call ourselves now, as we're kind of tired of having a name we have to share with so many other people.

Finally working on the Promise album again. Rivka is getting into the upper ranges of their voice. Sometimes it sounds a bit scary. In general it is very awesome.

Studying Afro-Cuban drumming (and folkloric song) with Don Skoog. Fantastic. Might go to Cuba with him for a week in 2022.

Thanks for reading. Off to feed mosquitoes and dig up brambles and vines in the non-yard.