Dear Uncle,

I feel that there’s a rift in your generation and some resentment against my father which has come into play here. it’s insulting that you would have to hope that i’ll seek advice from people with varying points of view. i actually married one. not only that, but the very fact of having a public blog in which uncomfortable aspects of life are shared invites viewpoints from all types of people. our community runs the gamut from trans-gender married couples to rush limbaugh fans. some of our associates think that the blog posting was inadvisable, some think it was heroic, most just think it was well-writen.

my response to your sister was terse, probably because she insinuated calling the police on us, invited me to call the police on myself and asked that i “assure her i would never do this again”. Do what again? Yes i said that i had heard from a disturbed relative - in response to miriam’s email in which said she was disturbed. Or did she leave that part out?

whomever several of you are, didn’t do much research on child services before reporting us. possibly you’ve done some since then. we certainly have, not to mention extensive research into lawyers, almost all of whom charge $250 for an initial consultation. here’s a little bit of reading material from and some from unfortunately, we are left feeling that some (we’re not sure who) of my father’s brother’s and sisters have turned out to be dangerous people for us to have relationships with.

i appreciate your honesty and hope that eventually we’ll feel safe putting this behind us, but at the very least, there will always be a section in a database somewhere stating that our family was investigated by child protective services, and we have the iLL family to thank for that.

regretfully, mike