Almost Two Years Behind Her

Rinah will begin her third year of life on August 3rd and is saying, “It almos’ my berse day.” The consonants she is still exploring are the ones complex ones such as where the back of your tongue hits the top of your mouth to create a hard C sound. So she’s not exactly saying “O’tay”, but it sounds closer to “O’tay”, than to “OK”. The SH and CH sounds are also tricky ‘cause you have to spread your tongue wide between the teeth and put the tip of it on the roof of the mouth. Her variations on words like, “wash” and “watch” are constantly changing, or rather, “sayndzing”. This local poet here in Pensacola did a piece last night and in the intro mentioned that there are over 400 sounds that can be created by the human voice, of which most languages use only 40, and the young humans will actually create all 400 before narrowing their vocabulary down to fit their cultures standards. He followed with a hilarious poem consisting of 50% gibberish.