Ah-Den, Ah-Den, Ah-Den den den den den!

Now G is also a tricky letter, both in her (seems female) hard and soft forms, and as we all know, the word again is very popular among the young. “Not again” becoming more and more common with age. “Ah-den, daddy. Ah-den, deddie. Ah-den, a-den, a-den, a-den ,a-den, a-den. Whaa dooeeya-den… Daaheee”, being almost a buddhist-style mantra surrounding things like spinning around in circles, running, dancing together and singing songs. Just about anything physically exhausting.

Mad haPPy has a song with a “Ready to Go Beyond” chant, sort of a Sufi-influenced theme, which has Rinah melodiously commanding us all to, “Dough Beyon’”.

The letter R necessitates a very complex curling of the tongue, which leaves even some adults wegulahly asking if Wisska is heeyah and/owah weady to dough too da pahdee yet.