x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City



| | | — | | Hi hi, hi and high. The pain of continuum. The structure of brokeness. Our debts have climbed to the drowning point, or quite near. Interest rates attempt to triple, but we are slick and opt out where necessary, riding on promotional rates mostly. She’s pregnant as hell. Due in a few months. We still refuse to “get jobs”. Bad parents? Got to keep from worrying about it. The child must never know. Happiness. Mad happiness and eternal bliss. The whole country is in debt. We are a toxic asset. Ha ha. Old, un-original thoughts. So what? Who cares? Health is the priority. Hurray for food stamps. Does that make us bad people? We’re getting better at singing and dancing. An Italian prog-rock band called MoonGarden hired us to write and sing on their album. Details to come. Okay thank you and much love.

Sooner. Mike |