x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City



| | | — | | Just getting the bills paid barely in time before the credit card banks throw us over the rail. A seemingly endless game. Not sure why writing here has become so daunting. School used to be the same way, with the beginning of the year, or the beginning of the four years getting so much attention and energy, then apathy and boredom creeping in slowly ‘till A’s and B’s became C’s and D’s. Without even the balls to go all out for the F’s. Maybe putting too much damn value on this writing, as if it’s supposed to add up to something, or retain and/or attain a high quality, when the actual intent in the first place was ust to fuckin’ let out some pain.And there isn’t less pain now, but a lot less attention goes into entertaining it. You hopefully get to the point where you see how selfish depression is; feeding itself and bringing on further suffering. Letting go is the shit. The Ankh of Egyptian symbolism, being based on a top view of a sandal. Keep walking. Just keep moving. Not livin’ forever, but eternally. ‘Cause forever is stuck in the illusion of time, but eternity exists in space-time. (Yo deep, brah.) Check out Mitch Hedberg. Died of a heroin overdose, someone said. Funny as hell. The work, not the death. In the music business they would describe your author as an evolutionary incompatible breed of dinosaur. Now we’re writing a musical. The Joys of Armageddon. And inventing a religion. Faitheism is the concept that although God is a construct of humankind, our religious convictions are nonetheless useful in navigating the 90% of reality that’s unexplained by science and undetectable to the senses. You’re never too old to learn. You’re never too young to die. I really love you guys. Sorry for when I let you down. Sorry for when we let each other down. Want you to be bold, courageous, healthy and happy. A bi-racial president of the USA is exciting. Awesome shit. |

Have a great one. Mike |