x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City


Smell of rubber. Firestone tire shop. Oil change and tire rotation. Probably not whatever else theey recommend. Hope not. Just if necessary.

Wakest show of the tour was in Phoenix. No surprise there. Last minute thing. Guerilla-style deal at a laundromat after the manager went home. Noone showed. Just the opening band, 1/2 of whom left right after they played, the promoter and his roommate. We sat on the washing machines and sang a few songs. Our friend from the other act was getting ready for the demolition derby next day. Pregnancy is coming along well, far as we can tell. There’s an unidentified lump in her groin, but after research, questioning and intuition, we will see what happens. The one surgeon we saw thinks it’s almost definitely not a cancerous tumor or a hernia. She recommends we just have it removed. To a hammer every problem is a nail. All the midwives are on our side. Ran into a guru maintaining the landscape at a state park at Mt. Shasta, CA. One of the most spiritual places, apparently. According to hom more powerful than the Himmalayas or the big ones in Brazil. Gave us a book list that included The I Am Discourses released by St. Germain Press. There are more advanced versions of me, he said, whom you’ll meet when you’re ready. Once you get beyond the music. He said then Stephen Gasken used to speak in San Francisco in the Sixties (Rivka recognized his name ‘cause he’s the husband of the renowned midwife-author Ina Mae Gasken) the walls would turn to liquid gold. Have you ever seen anyone do that? Rivka goes, “not that I know of, but maybe I wasn’t looking at the walls”. Apparently Elvis and the Beatles were really high, but their music was satanic ‘cause they wanted the boys to think they were cool and the girls to sleep with ‘em. Everything has an opposite. Spell LIVE backwards and you get EVIL. Stop rendering my words. Hear them before you create your own version of them. The water there is awesome. Some wonderful people danced to our music and put us up. With pregnancy Rivka’s bra size has gone from an A being loose to a C being tight. Fun. The kid’s dancing in her belly a lot. Of course her sexual appetite is as fickle as her nutritional appetite. We’re staying with Truckstop Honeymoon which is awesome. They’re 7 months pregnant with their third kid. Might cancel the rest of this tour ‘cause it’s 2 days off, then 1 show in smokey-ass Joplin (where we sleep in chaos), then another show-less day and last show is close enough to home we could just do it as a one-off. The musical we’re working on seems to be developing well. Only a few pieces left before we’re ready to staple the pattern together, I think. We’re also s’posed to sing a chorus on a Scream Club track which will be fun. They’re great peops. Many of our friends are touring europe and when will it be our turn? Soon, I think. Listening to National Public Radio a lot. The Coca-Cola of community radio.

Sooner. Mike |