x-x-x-x-x. Katherine the Terrible



| | | — | | Veurism wins out over altruism as to why anyone would read this. Rivka’s up north with her Jews, so the reigns are cut loose down here in Florida. Lots of cigarettes. Bad, cheap, tobacco that hurts when you’re done. The N’tien got it’s claws in again this past fall. And after being so forgotten. Like ridin’ a bike. So, sex. Ours could be way fucking better. Once, during an affair (the super-slut years), this girl was like, Will gets a hard-on when just seeing my bare leg. Why aren’t you like that? Whatever for the fact that she professed to hating their sex life. Hard-ons. This girl once said dude from Fishbone would fuck like, 10 times a day. There’s a porn star we’re fans of called Rocco Siffredi. He’s filming these extensive scenes himself, cock pointing at the sky. Or just be sitting around talking to a woman and reveals a northward erection. Is this normal? Are they using viagra or something? Word is that their not. Fucking hot-blooded ass Italians and shit. So not trying to elicit sympathy or anything. ‘Cause Rivka’s fuckin’ gorgeous and almost always comes and shit. We both do, although we practice semen retention. It’s just that getting it going … we’re so stressed out and serious all the time. Especially on my part. So fucking cerebral. Rarely taking the time to listen to the wind and the birds and smell the air or taste the food, let alone enjoying the softness of thigh and the smell of neck and ass. She likes to be clean for sex, where you almost can’t smell too strong from here. Ideally we’d get in bed together and just be cooing shit and laughing about unimportant shit (as opposed to the verrry important issues of what money and what clever rhyme or melody must be created) and creating our own lovely atmosphere and lo-and-behold, we’re both horney as hell and licking each other all over and shit and eventually there’s a wet spot so big we both have to sleep on part of it. But half the time we don’t even fuck ‘till we’re both so wound up we absolutely need to make it happen. Then she usually gets head ‘till things get all swolen up and gushy and am hopefully it doesn’t meander all over the place and become frustrating, and she has a clitoral orgasm and then we fuck. If boredom has already set in, sometimes the cock isn’t even all the way hard when we start and manual insertion is necessary. We’re workin’ on it, both sexually and at the root, and it’s def. not a bad aspect of our work. So there’s your fifty cents worth. Till next time, enjoy.

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