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| | | — | | Reading some of the info in that link to Rocco Siffredi actually turned me off to his ass a bit. Power corrupts, prick. After some deeper thought; some of you read this as part of your study of humankind, and many, including a lot a great friends, with a deep respect. Thank you so much for that. It’s wonderful to have an outlet that leads to a concrete place. You fuckin’ rock. And if this provides some inspiration, some entertainment, some enlightenment or even just some escape, then that’s the shit.You people are definitely worth braving the cold fire of human life to be in touch with. Here is an email from Gina Paiano, came today on myspace. She’s been working on a book about her days as a teenage…well…anyway, hopefully she’ll put out her Camel, or American Spirit long enough to finish it someday ‘cause it looks awesome so far. “Desire is, after all, the cause of all suffering… Be it desire for pleasure or for pain to end … to undo what has happened, or to design what is yet to be… to regain what is lost, or to lose what is unpleasant, unsightly or unsavory… A desire to have or have not, to do or undo, to remember or forget…is a desire, all the same. And as one desire, after the next, is realized… where is our repose? For how long (indeed - if at all), do we bask in the warm glow of a want fulfilled? Can we linger, if only for a moment, in the blessed stillness of here and now… that etherial niche between lack and pursuit… the wickedly elusive animus of all endeavors, content? Or are we condemned to trudge ever-forward, enslaved by our whims and justified longings, harvesting and trampling each new rose in the very same step, until our greatest desire is to desire no more?

And so, I wrestle with mine… And lo, I rarely win.” -GP Who needs soup when you got this kind of poetry? My parents house is c-o-o-o-old.

Every $50 helps, y’all. Sex. Stay hot. Mike iLL |

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