x-x-x-x-x. Katherine the Terrible

Twenty Eight/November/Five


| | | — | | Weeks of chaos. Best kind, maybe. Ten thousand miles and hundreds of people deep. Reaching back… Ovarian cyst burst. Hard not to take it ‘tleast somewhat personally when you’re the one fucking her when i happens. Common thing, we’re told. Cysts are usually passed during menstruation, but if one bursts, or is broken, the blood released into the gut/womb area is caustic, and feels like a fatal stomach ache. So ended up in the emergency room for 12 hours or so. Tests and tests and no treatment. Finally the pain had subsided and with tour starting next day, we left when the OBGYN was about 4 hours late. Wonder what the bill will look like. Medical insurance prob’ly hs it’s benefits. MC Trachiotomy is amazing. All about celebration, exploration, sharing, creation and discovery. Not that he never tires, but not before the parties over. Being on tour with that dude is a trip. Almost got my ass kicked the other night. End of a fun, but stressful night at the club and this guy wants to “buy” some CDs. Actually he wanted to recount the last few years of his, “I was homeless ‘till recently just got this credit card, so now I’m celebrating”, life. We had three pieces of pizza left from dinner and he wanted some. In hindsight, just give it to the guy, but it ended up with him telling me I’m gonna be homeless and throwing a slice of pizza, me being like “fuck you” and getting put in a headlock, yelling someting about respect for your elders. I just kind of stood there like a deer in headlights ‘till Jay Holland and Trach (iotomy) came pulled him off. Back to work, babies. Thanks for enjoyin’ it. Maybe talk before the holidays. Stay warm. Mike iLL |