x-x-x-x-x. Jess Wood. NY Comedy. Sex fantasy.



| | | — | | Checked out Jess Wood’s comedy show last night on 1st Ave in The City. Shit wz funny. Hot girls, too. Feels good to laugh with wood. Then to Honey’s 21st birthday party. Bunch o’ hot-ass twenty-somethings. Remember when that girl was just sixteen and the three of us slept in the same bed in that little apartment. Now she fucks a cop. Long way we’ve all come. Imagine you were reading this and started reading shit about when my woman/bitch/goddess/whore/wife hadn’t fucked me in like two weeks ‘cause we were all stressed out and shit, then she just took a real hot bath and is sweating under the covers in the afternoon, and a kiss on the way out the door, all decked out in winter gear turns into a long suck on her bottom lip and kissing all over her neck and shit? and down her chest and breasts and sucking real firm on her pretty little nipples? Imagine you’re reading this shit about by the time the mouth finds it’s way across the little curly wisps of belly hair and to musky scent of sex is wafting out and the hands reach between those hot, sweaty thighs, her cunt is already wet and gooey? And your eyes are glued to the colorful screen, hoping noone looks over your shoulder, and you give your own sex muscles a little flex, and read on; about a long, soft tounging technique, up and down and around the sides of the clit, with it’s bulging purple vein, ‘cause the clit is just like a cock, you know? And sucking sucking sucking on the upper side lips of that beautiful pussy. A hand comes around and nudges the elbow like , “put your fingers in me now”. And it’s two fingers. Moan. And you’re her her (think you’re a guy, get over it and imagine, bitch). Feel the hot, soft toung moving back and forth, back and forth and fingers inside you, swishing around. The squishy sound of gush oozing out, dripping down around your asshole. Now there’s three fingers in you, spreading you, opening you wider and wider. No choice but to relax totally and just let go, let go. Sticking your chest out into the hand that now pulls on it’s nipple. And a thumb is rubbing back and forth and arooound your sphincter. Not yet spreading or entering it, just a tickle. And your humming and moaning to yourself. Feels so fuckin’ good. Ain’t been fucked in so long. And now a thumb is starting to edge it’s way in to your ass. Opening you up, loosening you out. Your legs spread all across the bed. Four fingers, spreading you further than ever ever never. Whole ass is wet wet. Your clit feels like it’s gonna fuckin’ burst. Stomach is tight as a drum head and you’re squeezing everything out all the pain, all the stress, all the hopes, all the needs and desire and you’re here reading from a damn computer screen. Panties wet, sitting on your office chair, or in your bedroom, or parents living room and fuckin’ wet. And all a sudden notice a presence behind you, reading along. A ghost. An Apparition. Holds your shoulder w/ one hand and runs the other down your back, giving you shivers.

Thanks. ha ha ha.. Mike iLL