x-x-x-x-x. Infectious Disease Clinic. AIDS, Hepetitis, Milk Boy Recording. Goddess.



| | | — | | Busier’n’a one-leggged man in an ass kickin’ contest. Mad Happy recording at Milk Boy in Philly. New stuff sounds amazing. Psyched. Issues with the mastering lab, ‘cause of corporate buy-outs and shit. Visited the free infectious disease clinic with an amigo. Poor, black AIDS and Hepatitis patients in a waiting room with a sign that reads; “If you have a rash AND fever, go directly to the reception desk. Do NOT sit in the waiting area.” We got good news, thank goddess. Train to New Orleans tomorrow. Rock the Hi-Ho Lounge on Saturday w/ Don Libido. More iLL funk and new directions. Stomach hurts. You people are the shit. Stay healthy. Disciplin is money in the bank (Henry Rollins).

Nice. Mike iLL