x-x-x-x-x. Types of Laughter and Comedy of Drop the Lime, Mutiny Zoo, Lydia Lunch and all laughter.



| | | | — | — | | Cackle Giggle Guffaw The Crypt Keeper The Vincent Price Stifled Laugh Stifled Laugh (nasal release) Goofy Laugh Maniacle Laugh Machine Gun Chuckle Forced Laughter Sarcastic Nervous Dismissive Snorting Inverse (inhaling) Newscaster / Polite Uncomfortable Uncontrollable Obligatory Wheezing Permissive/Encouraging Giggle Very cold in this house. Dad brings the newspaper into the bathroom, training his sphincter to hang out. Overwork the body and mind into spiraling, black-eyed obliteration. Fight with your partner as she nastily spits breakfast back into it’s “too fuckin’ salty” bowl. Back aches from the cold. Count your money. All the time keep laughing. Know what, motherfucker? “Cheer up”, doesn’t make it happen any fuckin’ sooner. Sorry to y’all who missed MetroElectro2 ‘cause it slammed. Especially Math Head, Mutiny Zoo and Drop the Lime (that mother-lover rocked some worlds: Deconstructionist, Zef called it. Deconstructing the beat and melody). He heads to Europe in March, but the dude who was s’posed to be bookin’ the April tour apparently bailed. Couple of our other boys missed the gig too; one stuck in Ohio, homeless with newly divorced parents. The other we ain’t heard from yet. ‘T’s fuckin’ tsunami’s everywhere.

Who says it’s s’posed to make sense? (thanks, CT kid). Stop making sense. Talking Heads. Punks dancing and funking way ahead of their six-degrees-separated-from-africa time. Hear they were fighting and stealing like a pack of lawyers, too. Only one artist at a time need apply for making a living. All others must starve.

To paraphrase Lydia Lunch, “One death is a trajedy. Ten thousand deaths is just a number.” But seriously; how are we getting to Philly this Thursday? Peace, strength, love and light to all my warriors out there. Keep ya heads up. Life ain’t really all about prestige and material. Nothin’ but love. Fo’ real. Help me out Narcissus. Help me love my self. The first and hardest love of all. Help us all, Ganesh, to see each other soon and in creative atmosphere. Nothin’ but the comedy. All Types of Laughter: all the way ha ha ha.. Mike iLL