x-x-x-x-x. Erotic Anime, Misfits, Vaugn Bode and Hip-Hop



| | | — | | Speaking of adult anime or erotic anime, Wingbird one of the finest of this dirty craft. Did a bunch of stuff for the Verotic series released by the founder of the seminal punk band, The Misfits from Lodi New Jersey; Glen Danzig, who’s father had apparently owned a comic book shop. One which probably didn’t feature any erotic anime or Wingbird, but which may have had some erotic shit. That’s for you to look into. You can download some erotic anime here, probably have some Wingbird. Might be worth your time. Be careful, of course, if on a PC, ‘cause the erotic stuff always seems to be full of nasty pop-ups and viruses and shit. Bugged out sometimes how slow the art movements come. Impatient maybe, but you see the same styles of anime and hip-hop art and graffitti art that seems to’ve been around for like twenty years already. And people just wanna see the same shit. Lergly prob’ly due to the fact that we’re workin’ so hard to pay for our cell phones and shit that there’s so little time to discover shit. So expensive just to go out in New York City if you ain’t being wicked thrifty, jumpin’ turnstyles an’ shit. Speakin’ of hip-hop and erotic anime and erotic cartoons and shit. One of the originators was this cat, Vaugn Bode was stupid ahead of his time and influential on hip-hop art and presumably anime as well, by the look of things. He was doin’ this shit in the ‘70’s. My man Seth Tobocman of WWIII Illustrated knew him back before he died on one of those auto-erotic strangulation machines or something.

erotic anime addict? Mike iLL