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| | | — | | War and Peace was wordy ‘cause the author was paid by the word. The contemporary author will use “key words” over and over in the text to pull visitors in through the tangled, gnarly web of information. Hip to Adult Anime? Explicit sex from the asians. Japaneese erotic art has been popular with westerners for a long time. At some point in the last twenty years or so, the ultra-Arian anime look developed; Gigantic, round eyes, tiny lips and a pointy, ski slope, Barbie doll nose. The Adult Anime work adds gigantic tits and cocks and is ripe with whips and chains and rapes and children. All the colorful things that lonely, overweight, unhealthy artists color their fantasies, and bring their inhibited selves to the point of orgasm with. The characters who populate these adult anime stories are sexually arousing on paper, but if they were to be seen in the flesh, they would probably appear as hideous beasts; gigantic heads with lipless mouths and a solid wall of bone in place of teeth, bulbous eyes, sticking out the sides of their heads, which are shaped like upside-down triangles, chins smalled than their lipless mouths, no ears and noses sloped to the point of being nearly inverted. Somebody get the KY.

adult anime obsessed?. Mike iLL