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My friend from waaaaay back in the day. I’ve seen everything with this woman, often for the first time.

She’s got a TV show she wrote coming on TV on Wednesday, so please watch it. Here’s the info: I just wanted to remind everyone to tune in to PBS this Wednesday night (Oct. 6th, at 9pm):     PBS Previews | PBS Hollywood Presents “Cop Shop” It’s the premiere of the first two episodes of  “Cop Shop,” a new tv series created by my dear friend and writing partner, David Black (Law & Order, CSI, etc.).  David wrote the first episode, “Fear,” which tells the story of a community meeting between police officers and local residents on the verge of panic over a series of rapes in the neighborhood.   I wrote the second episode, “Blind Date,” which airs at 9:45. It features Richard Dreyfuss as a vice detective with a weakness for vice – drugs, gambling, hookers, you name it. He finds himself at a whorehouse where all the girls are 12-steppers, and has an unexpected encounter with a hooker played by Rosie Perez.  My episode also stars Chris Lawford as a crooked cop, and Rita Moreno as the madam, Mary Alice.   We’ve gotten some great reviews so far: Entertainment Weekly says, “No one really makes ‘em like this anymore. Teleplays in the purest sense of the word..” We’re also a “Hit” in the “Hits & Misses” section of TV Guide. According to Matt Roush, “It feels like a good night spent off-Broadway.” We also got some good coverage from the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, but I haven’t seen them yet, since I get all my news from TV Guide.   As you may have heard, PBS ended up having to bleep some words – “shit,” “fuck,” and “blowjob” – rather than face huge fines from the FCC. I’m not thrilled about being bleeped; it’s un-American, but it was also good publicity. And the beauty part is that while the censors were looking for dirty words, they completely overlooked the salacious content. We got away with references to lubricants, pill-popping rabbis, half-and-halfs, Holy Communion, men in diapers…in other words, the kind of stuff you’ve come to expect from me over the years…   Anyway, thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the show! -Robin

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