x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Promoter at a club in Tallahassee whos motto is Drink Free Beer, who was too bosy getting a blow job from a college student in the sound booth to say goodbye last time, but wrote us an email saying he hope’s we’ll make his club our “home in tallahassee” replies to my recent inquiry saying he can only afford to pay us two dollars per person who says that they specifically came to see us. We’ve played in town twice, once was for 18 people, 9 of whom were in the other out of town acts. Yea dude. We’ll make your place our “home in tallahassee”. Where do I sign? Our friend Pam’s parents comandeered us into the North Georgia State Fair tonight. Toothless fat people, anxious teenagers, manic kids and confused babies, accosted by rickety rides, flashing lights, painful food and hard-up carnies. Timeless. Hypnosis show was a trip. Bleach-blond, Hollywood showbiz dude. What was his name? Travis Fox. Maybe it was with two x’s. Hypno MANIA! “Come on, people, It’s not hipnotherapy, it’s hypno-MANIA! And don’t forget to see George over at the T-Mobile (cell phone) table after you sign my mailing list.” Gotta learn that shit, though. Wild. Contacting the unconscious, directly. You can even do it to yourself. Checked out these motorcyclists riding around inside this huge circular wooden cauldron. One dude been doing it for twenty years. The Wall of Death. There’s a lifestyle for ya. Damn, I wish this program had a spell check. Is lifestyle one word or two? Gotta go hang w/ Rivka.

Everything is true, Nothing permitted.Mike iLL |