x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression

Twenty Eight/October/Four

| | | — | | Parents house. Cold. Sweaters and hats. Fighting with wife ‘cause the bitch won’t work hard enough. Nobody will. Way too much to do. No escape. Even if the Red Sox AND John Kerry win, what changes? Kerry wanted to invade Iraq too. Then wouldn’t send armor. Fuck you. So many motherfuckers; “Better to kill their women and children there than them kill ours here.” Does anyone else follow the chain of who profits? Are you really so foolish. Maybe it’s true. Maybe if it wasn’t for us spending billions developing weapons, the taliban would be telling us all what to do. Bush doesn’t want to fund stem cell research, but does want to funddevelopment of biological warfare agents. They both make anti-muslim insinuations. What’s wrong with facing the east in the morning? Hung with NY comedians last night at Triple Crown tavern on 28th and 7th. Felt like being in a movie. Bad agents, strait jobs, successes, baked potatoes and beer, rev. jen’s aunt dying of liver failure, balding and nutrition. Tom’s dad wanted to be a performer, but parents coerced him into law school. Spent his life hating it. Married five times. Died at seventy-two. Two sisters have marital problems and old-school husbands who equate counseling with being crazy. Won’t have it. Get a grip, kids. We don’t have priests or shamen we talk to these days. Everybody needs some damn therapy. Don’t become a divorce statistic. You’re fucked up if you don’t. Father does the dishes so haphazardly that if you want to cook something here you have to take dishes out of cuppord, wash them of grease and food, then cook. Cold. To the bones. Probably warmer outside. Ton of work to do. Always. Never stop. Relax. Let go. Breathe. Yoga. Watch your friends on coke with foaming mouths, attemting suicide intermittently. Hear about your friends spending all their time cloistered in Newark, where they’ve got some of the best dope in the country. Wonder. Quit music again. One more addiction. One more confusion. Friday will be a terrific show. All electronic. All punk. All funk. Mindful. You coming? Everything is fine. Mike iLL