x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Can’t believe it’s been three weeks. That club in Orlando, The Peacock Room won’t have us back now ‘cause we were late. Fuckers. Waddaya Gonna Do?! Read a book called Electroboy about a manic depressive from Teaneck, New Jersey and his trips through sex, drugs, prostitution, fashion, money, the international art scene, jail and electro-shock therapy. Guess they still do that shit. Zap your ass with however many volts to re-set your brain or some shit. Get a bite plate and everything. Puts it in perspective. Also looking through a book called The Function of the Orgasm by Wilhelm Reich, discoverer of Orgone Radiation. W.S. Burroughs is always talking about that shit in his writing. Reich was dispelled from the Psychoanalytic Association and ended up in jail in this country, with his book, The Cancer Biopathy confiscated, banned and burned by the American Medical Association. Interesting stuff. Think most of what’s in Function of the Orgasm is rooted in Freud’s theories of Neurosis being rooted in the “conflict between instinctual demands and opposing social demands.” We hooked up with this DJ down here who’s a fuckin’ 20 U.S. Marine sniper. Great guy, ‘s’far as we can tell. He goes, “I don’t want my kids to be in the military. I put in enough time for the whole rest of my bloodline.” He had a picture up in his house of him with some famous sniper who had like, “96 confirmed kills in Vietnam”. Was telling my friend from Hoboken about it. Now this guy is a fifty-something year old history buff, proffesional bar pianist and iconoclast. He’s very private, so I’ll just call him Bobby Fisher. Bobby tells me about a dude he used to study piano tuning with up in Michigan who was in Vietnam. He was also a sniper and he was in a firefight. Apparently it lasted for ever and ever. Just stay down. Every now and again peek your head up and shoot. At one point this Vietnameese guy gets up running from one spot to another and Bobby’s friend shoots him. He goes down. When the fight was over the dude went over and the guy was dead. He told Bobby, “I kill that man every day of my life. I picture him eating, bathing, spending time with his family. I went over to his country and killed him.” Guess that’s why humans will always deal with Morality. It’s all grey lines and varying points of view. Who knows. Maybe when the guy who had the “96 confirmed kills” passes into the next life he’ll run into the wives and kids of the folks he killed and they’ll laugh about it. Sure you won’t be suprised to hear that my liberal ass supports same sex marriages. laughing all the way,Mike |