x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression

Reading The Looney-bin Trip by Kate Millett now. Intillegent, passionate and literate. She brings you into her isolated world of feminist idealism, mania, paranoia, depression, shamanism, lithium side-effects and the arts industry. Heaven and Hell all wound up in one. Sick, slick, sexy, sour and immediate.

An interesting contrast to Electroboy; where he’s creating a hollywood-style explosion of manic drug binges and sexploits, Kate is trying as hard as possibly not to be “crazy”. She spends five pages in a field at her farm, admiring the huge, “velvety cock” of her new Horse, through whom she has some kind of visitation from her dead father. Her friends and family are trying to have her committed. Again. Against her will. First time she had to get lawyers to get her our after weeks. Apparently the mental health profession is still pretty much in the fucking dark ages.

We got pulled over in Oxford, Alabama by these two young pigs, and I don’t use that word to describe cops in general, ‘cause we were going “a few miles over the speed limit”. Four, to be exact.

So the guys like, “I pulled you over because…” And I say, “Your head looks like a penis?” No. I was nice. But he wanted to search the vehicle. So I said, “I’m not giving you consent…” So he calls in a K-9 unit. Without going into detail; we were a bit nervous”.

So 2 pigs becomes 3; becomes 6; becomes 8 and a grey-black dog who runs around the van with his fat-ass “trainer”, pisses on a tree, and goes back to the car.

The fat pig shakes his head. “Here you go, Mr. Kilmer. Thank you for your co-operation.” Forty-five minutes.

Tonight we’ll play at Buck’s Pizza in Johnson City, smoking with the criminals there and celebrating our friends Phillip and Nancy’s anniversary. Then on to Ashville, NC, where there are even more dangerous terrorists, growing the herb that will destroy the great white society.

Hey - wouldn’t it be funny if we all voted Republican and held them responsible? Is there anyone running on the platform of undoing all the shit GWB changed in Environmental Laws, Gay rights, War damages? “If elected, I promise to get us back to where we were before Bush took office.” Ironic thing is, that would be impossible. Too many dead. laughing all the way,Mike |