x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Showed up an hour late for a show the other night. They had already let like 50 people in the door for free. Cost us some money. Gas prices out-fucking-rageous. We hang in Orlando watching movies on cable, waiting for an unpleasant visit to a health clinic tomorrow morning. Don’t ask. Struggle to pay for medication. The homeopathic remedy that grows everywhere like a weed is illegal, so what should be easiest to procure, is almost the most difficult. A friend from Texas forwarded some very disturbing information about George Bush wanting to spend 23 million dollars on random drug testing for schools. He sent a link to send a pre-written letter to your representative, but who has time for this shit. For all I know it’s another one of those email hoaxes. I’m glad that group NORML is out here, working to get the herb legalized. These are dark times. Darth Vader ain’t got nothin’ on the US government, if ya ask me. Folks travel abroad, the Europeans are more concerned about our election than we are. Ever read any of the books published by Soft Skull Press? I recommend Bomb the Surburbs (a hip-hop classic), Peops, anything by Seth Tobocman, Fortunate Son. This new book, The Fountain at the Center of the World sounds like it will also be a classic. My man Zef Noi$e is music director for some new play in NYC featuring all these mongolian folk musicians. He tells me they all grew up in tribes in Siberia and they don’t understand that he’s not drinking Vodka with them. Wonder if they have crack and heroin and yoga and shit in Mongolia. It’s insane how much liquid can come out of a womans vagina when she’s coming, and how many times she can have an ograsm in one hour. Man wants to be necessary. Maybe we all need to be necessary. We all fill the void in the universe that would be left if we had never been born. Fill the internet with used words. See folks couch-bound by choice for hours, days, years. Do the same if existence didn’t feel so much like an acid-bath. Run ‘till it’s run from running. Escape from escaping. Stop stopping. Dream dreaming. Eat ‘till food is a prison. Chase pussy ‘till it comes up behind you. Keep seeking reprise, yet turn the lights back on the minute it’s on the horizon. As Gertrude Stein said (on a refrigerator magnet), “The only answer is that there is no answer.” Met a guy in Birmingham the other night who started a new religion called Universism. Sort of a non-dogmatic grouping of folks who want some ritual without a bunch of “beliefs” attached. Sounds cool. Peace, inner fire, harmony, hot sex and drinkable water. laughing all the way,Mike |