x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | See Hear was one of the best underground music stores in New York. Now’s a good time to mention it of course, ‘cause it just closed down. All underground books about music and underground books about music. Videos. Owner’s looking for a job. As well as a hand-me-down computer. (Mad Happy’s looking for two hand-me-down computers). Found out from Mike Watt’s email list. Good riddance to George-you-fuckin’-pig Bush. Thanks for everything. Sick wife. Homeboy strugglin’ to make $50.00 a week child support payments down here in Florida. Killing in countries most of us can’t remember the name of. What does it all mean? What does it really say that Brittany Spears sold 50 million albums? Michael Jackson arrested for child molestation agian. In Roman times it would’ve been considered tame. Some of those Ceasars had virtual farms for young boys. Played a fun-ass show at Springwater in Nashville. That PBR sellin’ no toilet paper, dirty towel dispenser, no-hi-end-on-the-sound-system can’t barely keep a booking person honkytonk cinder block shack’s got soul. bad mother-fuckers hang there. it’s like CBGB minus Arlene Grocery. Ten Hi in Atlanta there was Britney Spears-style 13 Stories with two “chicks” managed by some old school industry dude (who was very sweet and bought shit- thanks), and then Cadillac Jones. Mad Happy played first. Full room. Cadillac Jones played bad-ass instrumental funk. This is all some late-nite ramblin’ shit. Old school beat style (as they say). Andre 3000, Peaches, Hairy Apes BMX, NyQwill, Oh My God, Nathan Brown in Fort Worth, Grand Buffet, Serengetti, J. Toth, F5Records, BlesteNation… Bolo, Handlebar, Mendy, Damon, Mechanics, Lawyers, Owners, Bookers… They won’t book Mad Happy at this club I been at for years now ‘cause it’s electronic. “I can book you as a solo act or as a rock act”. That’s cool, dude. I didn’t wanna eat next week anyway. Stylist fools. Stay tough,Mike |