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| | | — | | This is what you call a barely-existing web diary. Suprised anyone still reads. Thanks. Mad Happy. A day in the life. Wake up a few times. Open Eyes. Stare at the van ceiling, which is about 6 inches away. Finally either the phone rings or it’s just too late to keep sleeping ‘cause it makes for a bad day. Out from under the five heavy blankets and crawl to the edge of the loft. Down onto the van floor. Side and back windows covered with indian blankets (six dollars from a truck stop), front side windows have pillows in them and the windshield has one of those folding silver covers. Either put on yesterdays clothes or open the blue chest and dig (naked, in the cold). Find socks, pants, shirt. Get dressed. Get in front seat. Rivka gets down and repeats the process. Grab toiletries bags and head into the truck stop. Floss teeth, gargle, brush, wash face, moisturize face. Meet Rivka by the coffee. Get 20 ounce cup of hot water and add green tea bag. Get in the van. Warm it up. Fill it with gas and (maybe) check oil. Start driving. If it’s a short trip get to a Kinko’s and plug in the laptop at free laptop station. Check e-mail, write emails, book shows, update the database. Or go to a supermarket and shop for vegetables, proteins, carbs, water, soap. Or hit a post office and (hopefully) mail home some money or send out promotional packages. If it’s a long trip, just get to the club. Wake between 11:00 and 3:00 PM. Eat fruit within a couple of hours. Sometimes she needs a “hot breakfast”; eggs and shit. Stop at a truck-stop, rest area or Wall-mart. Open Coleman stove. Cut up garlic or onions and put olive oil in the pan. Ad food. Cook. Lately we like liver and kale. Or tofu, tomatoes and cabbage (green). If the dishes are dirty (probably), fill a gallon container or two with hot water. Put detergent in the plastic tub. It’s a little tricky. You get the idea. Get to the club at eight or nine O’Clock. Load in. If necessary, set up the main sound system. Plug in the laptop and work if there’s time. Rivka will make phone calls to folks in the town we’re playing “tomorrow”. Prepare another meal. Either for now or after the show. Sometimes both. Van dome lights are broken. The ones that light up the inside. This can be tricky. Sometimes we cook in the club. Play the show. Sometimes ee rock the whole night; DJing, sets and hanging. Get loaded up and back in the van by 2 or 3. Maybe eat. Either a hot meal or nuts and raisens or peanut butter sandwiches. Plan the next leg of the trip. Back on the hiway and to a truck stop by 3 or 4. Hit the restroom. Bruch teeth. Maybe wash and moisturize. Maybe get weird looks. Usually not. These people have seen it all. Crank up the heat in the van. get undressed and in bed, one at a time. Snuggle-up. If it’s early, maybe we’ll fuck, and if we’re not too tired it’ll probably be good. Wake up a few times. Next. Some of you people who read this. I love and respect you. You know who you are. Happy winter.

Stay mad tough,Mike |