x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Ohmah Fuckin’ Gods. No rest for the work-a-haulics. Every day duck ‘till dawn. Okay, eleven ‘till three ayem. Could be worse, right. Found out today that fuckheads in Effingham (that’s not a joke) ripped us off on an $800 van repair. Don’t think they even replaced the axle we paid for. Why do people suck? Listening to new albums by Outkast and Peaches, first Streets disc and some MP3’s by Silver Jews. All bad-ass. Some of it makes me wonder why I bother; at the same time kicking the ass in gear. Johnny Cash has died since last entry. Some new gods been born. Wonder when we’ll hear ‘em. Will mankind survive? Our last roommate fell in love and turned into Mr. Hyde. Disappeared while we were on tour, leaving the cats to fend for themselves, fish to die and house doors and windows wide open. Why do people suck? Must upload entire diary back to new server so you can read this. Not that there’s much here. But sometime’s there’s nothing on TV, so have to read. First they call it upsurd. Then they consider it obvious and unimportant. Then it’s seen as so important that it’s adversaries claim that they themselves discovered it. That’s paraphrased from a quote from the intro to Jean Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness. Quoted from some book on Pragmatism. Don’t understand that shit, but some of the Mad Happy fans are into philosophy. Nice. Maybe that’s why we’re broke. Aiming at a market base of poets and philosophers. ‘Nother republican non-actor takes the stage as California’s governor. For “the people” of California; for “the children”. Uneasy feeling about this one, kids. Maybe Bush will amend the law that says you have to be American born to become president. I’ll be back. Love,Mike |