Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Ancient “G” says “Thanks 4 hankin’ in there when I get out there” she’s fuckin’ a married man outside her marriage now. First time she gave me head she was a star. It’s so great - she’s lookin up at me with my penis in her mouth. The way her eyes roll back in her head. Her lesbian friends got real jealous. Tell you though - that affair shit is nuts. There’s something special about the sex (being all naughty and what not), but I can’t hang with the slighted lover shit. Once this poisonous girl’s man attacked my best friend (Zef) thinking he was me. We joke that he’ll get killed by some guy who I’m having an affair with his girl. But that was the old days. I did get myself into a fucked situation recently though. Hangin with a female poet; I said “you’re the erotic poet of our scene. Ooh I wanna fuck you, I wanna run my tongue up and down your smooth legs, make you cum again and again”. I’m tryin’a make a joke, but she’s drunk and thinks i’m serious and she’s really offended and pissed off. Typical Mike iLL - thinkin’ everybody knows what i’m thinking… They don’t. Hate that. Wanna be spontaneous, but you gotta think before you act sometimes. Mouth’ll be my downfall. I don’t wanna hurt anything. She makes me feel bad without doing any harm… opposite of heroin. |

Dopelessly desirous of truth, Mike iLL