Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Festival of Arianrod, the great mother goddess, end of dog days. First heartbreak haunts my dreams for years. She draws me back into where I’m so weak. Her breasts… Draws a cartoon face on my tummy and sucks my cock with love and affection. Run away in solipsistic excitement, and wake up depressed. I love you too scorpio, now would you please take your tail away from my neck? Satan rules by using Love not War. American soldiers come back from Iraq and grow bald spots; some die. Our country supplied the chemicals - facilities we bombed, our kids within miles. premium unleaded only 1.09 a gallon. Oh the poor EmbassadorsInternationalWorldBAnkMonetaryFundz-as-long-as-you-make-the-hard-choices-like putting roads before lives-give-money-the-respect-its-due so overgrown children can flood the economy of Indonesia till it falls into our bloody guiltless hands. Don’t fuck with me! DIG THE RARE BURROUGHS |

Delirious, Mike iLL