Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | God god god god god. i was very upset yesterday reading your journal. i don’t know how i responded but we should talk i am worried about you i hope your honest with me there is nothing romantic or admirable or even interesting about destroying yourself. you’ve been hooked/addicted to abusing your body for so long that i don’t know what will be next i love you too. always. HMMMMMM. Y’kno? I be try’na take good care ma self & shit. Don’t eat sweets, ain’t done dope or coke in years. Almost no alcahol. Steady on the coffee … some herb. Whatever, do you care? Who are you anyway. Water water water air earth fire ether. We Worship GOd with our bodies. Stars, suffer not our eyes to hunger for your face. |

For real, Mike iLL