Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy

In M.F. Sanity

I’m back from the dead kidz. Tell you I’ve got a monster in me. It’s all Angelheart; I Know who I am.

Capacity for denail overwhelms my ass.

I got some young Jewish Burough Park Ass. Smart, fly, sensitive, creative…WHAT?!!! I’m feelin’ this. She comes rivers & I call her squirt. Love to keep this up - - good luck iLL boy.

Read about the SICKNESS of an iLL past in the poetry of a girl hates my face and guts. Iz this Rock and Roll or just the road to hell? Hell is the road to hell. The road to hell is hell. Ha Ha (That’s a demonic laugh). Flunk the world I wanna git auf.

May be its all good. What I don’t kill makes me stronger. Pity the fatherless children w/ addicted mom & right wing drug propaganda of the mind.

Abortion may be murder, but it’s your right. I hope you never do. |

Might Luv U, Mike iLL