Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy

To what, to what, to waht? I don’ know.

We’re all about James Bond 007 3D video games. Sadistic landlady wants us to be miserable too. I fear having kidz. ‘Fraid my girl’s gonna kill me with maturity. Ha ha. No fear. Smoke orange plastick and I remember being one…DMT, or is it DPT. But that was years ago. Recommended to non-yogi’s, but not more than once. Thought I remembered first fight with Dad. We’re talkin’ infancy, baby.

Please god, not another heartbreak.

I got some young Jewish Pussy, parents don’t want me around, She comes like a river, but she don’t go down.

“Disciplin is money in the bank” Rollins

What does it mean for India to test Nuclear Weapons?.

Bhopal |

Might Luv U, Mike iLL