Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | *Yo N(eye)GER’S Wassup? What do we got? NyQiLL last night was rather fly. There’s some cat there who is supposedly friends with the president, Bill Clinton? Oh shit, that’s kind of *dope. We played for a long time, dancing, singing, smokin’, drinkin’.Personally I’m getting a bit tired of being stoned every night. Discipline baby, discipline. I wanna get rich and have wives and babies and world wide travels with many languages. Buy mom a car. Buy Daddy a Pancreas. Zef Noi$e is so phat on violin, it continues to blow my mind, and I’ve been listening to the mother since he’s 7 years old. Keep takin’ us there homes. I swear we’ll be dead someday. Kill Audio continues to bust out new sick-next-level beats and shit. Benny Raw; Makin’ em move. Here’s a lyric emerged from the chaos (Jim “Radio” Rado):

                         Momalian Australian Stalion Alien

Chanted fast . . . and YO. What???? Oh yea, Fuckin’ W.S Burrough’s. I fuckin’ love his work. Here’s one: “Unless writing has the danger and immediacy, the the urgency of bullfighting, it is nowhere to my way of thinking… I am tired of sitting behind the lines with an imperfect recording device recieving inaccurate bulletins…I must reach the front.” W.S.B. And on that note. . . oh yea, the new hang on Tuesday night’s: Open Mic. at Maxwell’s. Someone said something about “us clumsy seers”. Can you dig that? Can you dig opiated hash? O b l i t e r a t i o n.c o M** |

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