Mike iLL - Diary of an iLL Boy


| | | — | | Okay, So I’m outta here. Ma girl Rita’s takin’ me to Hawaii. Not bad. Must be a Rock + Roll Nova, or a fuckin Black hole even. Wu-Tang, what?!!! Ya know what’s a great band name; the Lunachick’s. That’s some contemporary shit. A new book out by this woman I used to live with (and all that.) We we’re into a bit of SM type “love-making”. Once I raped her. Diddn’t mean to hurt her, but I did. It must be terrible to be sexually assualted by someone you love. Lot’s of people have fantasy’s about rape. What else? NYQILL, Starchile, Chicken Truck, and John Popper at Sidewalk Cafe on September 11th. No Cover. I gotta update our Shows Page. Gimme a secretary will ya? McGovern’s Bar closed down, no more every monday…oh well. My partner’s like “Who want’s to read this shit, and why? ‘ I don’t know dude, and right now I don’t give a fuck. You don’t wanna read it,don’t read it. “Niggaz wanna go home, let ‘em go.” Fuck it, punk rock. Last night I give this chick Sahoney a ride hime to Queens, stop in a grocery on he way back and this big black dude comes in get’s right up in my face callin’ me a Nazi. He goes “you like black people?”.(Now this guy is drunk as shit. His pupils are black water.) I put my hand on my heart and go “I love many people”. I’m thinkin’ about black music and politic’s. His friends pulled him away (young guy, maybe 24). One of ‘em goes to me; “He’s crazy, I got your back.” “Thank’s.” Oh man, should’ve seen the mad escape when this lap dancer I know comes running out of work with a bag full of money like “get outta here.” She’s all givin’ money away. I only wanted 20 bucks to cover the three coke’s and tip I spent at the bar. Then her and my man went downtown JC for some dope and coke. What a fuckin’ life. See ya when I get back. |

Mike ILL