Mike’s B.S.


| | | | — | — | | What can you say, another hot summer in the city for us. I coulden’t remember Jello Biofra’s name the other day. He sang “Holiday in Cambodia” with The Offspring in New York the other night. Original punk rock, yea. I’m just annoyed man, annoyed that I’m sitting here in Hoboken with no fuckin’ life. It’s so fun to feel sorry for yourself, ever try it? I bet you have. This computer’s on the fritz. . . Niggaz iz cursin’ left an’ right. It’s so ill when Perry Farrel “makes Love” to his dead wife after she O.D.’s. I was watching that on video today. Yo, Central Park SummerStage NYC. You can’t fuck with that. Over the years ; The JB’s (James Brown’s original horn section; Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Russel), Sun Ra, Sonic Youth, War, David Byrne, Kentucky HeadHunter’s, Wild Magnolia’s, William Gibson (founder of Cyber punk), Patty Smith, Medeski, Martin and Wood and yesterday “Mr. Bluegrass” himself; Del McCrory “Dell Yea”(Banjo, Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Bass, and Guitar with some unbelievable voices) preceded by some wild Yiddish music known as Klesmer. **It’s all free. P-Funk on July 4 we paid for. By the way, if you haven’t seen P-Funk. . . Don’t miss Diamonda Galas on August 1st. Actually, while I think of it, here’s some music not to miss:

| | | — | | **- Trouble Funk

Mike ILL**