Mike’s B.S.


| | | — | | **HEAT HEAT HEAT HEAT Sweaty Sheets are Beat, they fuck’n smell. You wash 3 times a day.

Medeski, Martin, and Wood. They’re bringin’ it in a inspiring-ass way y’all. Check that shit out. . . on some Hawaian hangin’ this is where we do it Don’t fuck with me motha fukin’ 4 real shiT! WHAT? Sex Pod at Coney Isl. Hi. tonight, where do you find a sane drummer? Can you answer me that?

Meanwhile NyQill shows get outer and outer. This sax player Daniel Carter has been sitting in, this crazy lookin’ dread Moondie plays a hand drum from Ghana, which he makes. Last week the drummer from Bell Cafe’s Sunday Night band play some sick shit on Bass. This Girl Chick Babe Deep She’s Rockin’ Hip-Hop Vocals Jules in the house. (Un-Named) hasn’t been jammin’last coupla weeks . . some Crack relayed episode / pissed off Benny Raw. at McGovern’s Bar baby. Summer Summer Kali, E. Zef, Miss Ronda, “the Twins”, Suzan, Jim Rado, X25, Cherokee, Tommy “Goat” Castigliano, Lou, Happy Birthday Tracy, Many More, Mikey “Middles” African Jimbe, GINA, oh shit, fuckin’ Gina she’s bartending. She put this shit together, yo; Martin, Paris, Gary (old School), SHit who else Tanya, Jen, Leena- Stevens Tech.-When? Props to Steve. Shave an’ a hair cut; 2 bytes. . . Mike ILL** |