Mike’s B.S.

Okay, Last night was the BOMB. NYQILL at McGovern’s Baby, that shit was packed. Fur Slide played first; old school style rock. Crazy old school connections in the house. Matt Henderson motherfucka What?!! One of the sickest guitar players ou never heard. The guy’s playin in a band with (X-Bad Brains drummer) Mackie, and Jaco Pastorious’ daughter. We wanna check that shit out. Jim Rado (writer of Hair) is a big fan. He’s talking about casting us in the play when it opens on Broadway next Spring. Oh Shit.

There is a real interesting band doing a weekly show accross the street at Bell Cafe; Ne-Ne. Three oriental women playing medetative shit from another planet. Check it out, every monday.

There was this Slammin’ sax player Buddy A.K.A. King B., who played on “Heard it through The Grape Vine”, And in Aretha Franklin’s band. He sat in w/ NYQILL and took that shit to some other levels.

Lots of gorgeous women dancing and shit…

Check this: The sound man, Sam turns out to be the one and only Sam Sever of Third Bass, Beastie Boys, Run DMC. Holy shit. Small world. He’s bringin’ some new tapes in next week.

Jeff and Mark from Gorgon were there, Illness is playing their record release party on Friday.

We had a good time. Steve the club owner is real chill. Much herbs being smoked.

We even ran into this guy who recently wrote us some bad checkes, and he assures us we’ll get some cash, which is good cuz we got our electricity turned off yesterday, And had to borrow $ to get the lights back on. What a day.

Alchemy Mindworks yo.

Oh, yea. Boo (our old guitarist) is running a BlueGras jam upstairs at Coney Island High every Sunday aftrnoon. Last week Joey Ramone was there. Ramones, baby. Mark, and Dee-Dee Ramone are playing after us on Apr. 26th (Coney Island High).

Your’s truely…. Mikey (Homepage) ILL 4/15/97