Has it been a day. It’s been a day.
Dee to the ay to the rubber sucking why.

Looking back from 5pm, 8am was a week.

Damn has spaying gotten expensive.

And what happened to our bank account.

Tire replacement-used style-cash only. Woman-owned (and managed) business. Recommended by Zahar across the street (Auto America).

From the signage on the front of the large aluminum shed of shop, apparently the business is named, No Warranty. Shop dog, a pit bull, filthy and welcoming of back rubs. “My boys”, as they were referred, are cute. Old tire disposal for $10. Can I just put it in the trash can? Thousand dollar fine if they catch you. Yours, please.

Someone’s website is broken. Yoga studio. Looking into it, between interruptions.

Oncologist says looking good. Stopped at the produce market after oncologist after dropping records with new Ear Nose Throat spot. It’s across from Dr Steadman where Bean was ready to be picked up. Went home without Bean. Another round trip.

Bank declined the First National credit card autodraft… again.

Gas tank in last quarter.

Reading Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco: Days of Destruction Days of Revolution. Continuous genocide for profit.

Three, two, one…