It’s a weekly or at least bi-weekly endeavor making mayonaise.

Raw egg. Duck egg today as an experiment. Mad yolk.
Bit of mustard. Salt, black pepper.
Lemon juice.
Those are the requirements of the base.
Whey if you can make it happen, which we do.
From there, it goes anywhere.
Turmeric. Coriander. Poppy seeds. Sesame seeds.
Whey is the yellowish, probiotic liquid left when you strain the cheese out of sour milk.
Only works with raw milk. Not the ultra-processed industrial shit they push in the system.
First it’s sour, then it’s yogurt, then it’s curds and whey.

You put it all in a blender and get it going. Then add some healthy oil, perhaps avocado oil-and this is very important-by drizzing it in as a thin steam. When done this way it causes the mixture to emulsify into the fatty, glumpy stuff we are used to, execpt that it’s actually full of beneficial fats, as opposed to genetically modified, inflmatory corn and soy products that facilitate the increase of cancer, cognitive decline and other disease.

Unitarian Universalist service was great but frustrating this morning. Women’s history month. There was a theatrical presentation where eight women took turns representing a historical Unitarian, Universalist or UU who had been significant in women’s progress.

Mae, a senior who’s hands shake, began by talking candidly about her own history. It slowly became clear that she had simply become her subject. Felt good to cry. Always does.

We performed We Shall Go Forth by Margie Adam (that’s a hard gee), which is a bit more complex than many of the hymns we do. It’s a feminist anthem, archived in the Smithsonian. Cool. Went well during rehearsal, but really fast as the closing hymn and the bridge lost this weak sight reader. Mostly play from memory.

Soon as the song ends, the cell phone is buzzing with Rinah: “where are you dad? are you on your way?”, to take them to their Pensacola Children’s Chorus performance (at another church). There are a lot of churches here.

Someone had placed a large plastic plant between the piano and clock, so the 30-minute extension of the service was a bit startling.

Additionally, our car tires are old, and the right rear one is becoming flat every 24 hours, and little Bean has her appointment to be spayed in the morning. Hoping to get some new tires before then…

Nope. Doesn’t open ‘till 9am. Another temporary fill in the morning. Perhaps another before end of today as well.

Loving the new obliteration entry system. Python, Ruby, Markdown, GitHub.

As Rikki would say, “we’re in the future.”

As Rinah would say, “ok-bye.”

relieved and appreciative of your consideration. –iLL