An Idiot or just a Fool?

For encouragement during really challenging Kundalini exercises, Ravi Singh used to tell us to, “Forgo Fate in favor of a Destiny”. But maybe Fate is just an excuse for idiocy, and Destiny for thoughtless behavior. Is it fate if the home fries will burn while these words are written?

Rivka masterfully delivered baby number two this past Wednesday at 3:15 pm. Specifically the head came out at fifteen and the rest of Ashirah at eighteen minutes after. In our vintage pink bath tub, Rivka patience was heroic was she allowed her uterus to naturally pull open the cervix and squeeze our precious little offspring through. Ashirah hangs in a wrap from the typing shoulders right now, cooing herself awake. “My boobs are definitely ready whenever she is. Ya know what I’m saying?”, her mother offers.

Every baby comes with a loaf of bread, and there are three potential very awesome income situations on the table. One is a friend of a friend who owns a ton of Natural Gas wells in Colorado, who is donating to our Sustainable Living Concert Series - not that that’s money to live off of. One is the Executive Directorship of the Eastern European Folklife Center, for which they are looking for someone with experience running a 501-C3 corporation under a Board of Directors, but might settle for someone who has spent twenty years fundraising and organizing vast communities of geographically disparate volunteer artists, musicians, promoters, spare-room offerers, technical operators and fans. Lastly there is the amazing local Institute for Human Machine Cognition, who need a system developed for archiving a quickly growing (and somewhat back-logged) video library.

Work - whatever that means - would like to be put to rest in the wake of a new creature joining our community, but with bills constantly coming due, and so much that just neeeeeds to be done, there is a certain type of person who is a loss for what action to take from minute to minute. It’s like a special holiday which occurs between days of the week. Yesterday morning was a series of bad decisions that ended with our car sitting, lifeless in the driveway, with a huge gash in the front gate.

On the way through the terribly rainy morning to get fresh raw milk from “the farm girl” a little unmailed Ebay package peered up from the passenger seat saying, “mail me.” The post office was closed but a passing fellow musician and his daughter reminded us there’s this kid’s science museum around the corner that just opened up. Leaving the car again there was a distinct thought, “the rain’s let up, you should probably just finish the errands, man”.  A (very fun) hour later Rinah is being carried through 5 inch puddles, with a half-way inside-out umbrella to a car which drives up what is quickly becoming the Palafox River to attempt to find the “farm girl” and her truck. But afraid of stopping in the deep water, we bee-line it up to high ground on Cervantes St.

Ashirah, Rivka and RinahHalf way home even Cervantes is so flooded we pull into a ghetto-ass gas station on A street to wait it out. Facebook, rather than confirming the whereabouts of the “farm girl”, notifies us that our new photo of the baby, mom and Rinah has been flagged for inappropriateness. Can’t reach Rivka and Zef calls to exchange stories of foolish behavior. I thank him for keeping me occupied, hopefully long enough not to drive prematurely out into the canal, then get cut off ofter about 45 minutes of waiting and since the rain has finally let up, proceed to drive into a deep puddle (praying) where the car dies, right alongside a fire truck.

Three hours later as the tow truck was pulling out of our driveway - we noticed today - it put a huge gash in our front gate.

Should have known better than to drive into that damn canal, but to be fair, any idiot would have done the same thing.

Ashirah, Rivka and Rinah