The Temple of Wow

Over the years there have been a handful of people, mostly friends, who read from this website regularly - mostly when the writing was more frequent - and at certain points the writing would be directed toward one of these readers. At one point there was this female writer, a friend of an acquaintance, who expressed wonderful appreciation for the writing and we corresponded for a little while.

At one point after reading this really awesome, classic novel called If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, by Italo Calvino there was an entry written from the perspective of telling the reader what he or she was doing as she was reading the piece and it went in a really graphically sexual direction. Never heard from this female reader again and there’s this question of whether the writing of the piece was rude, intrusive or insensitive. There are different philosophies regarding the responsibility of the artist toward the viewers and the reality is that life itself is far more important than anything within life. In all likelihood this particular episode exists only in the ego of the writer, but there’s definitely plenty of misunderstanding and sexual egoism in this existence.

Sex is full of fucking contradictions. On the one hand it’s just innocent and simple, but at the same time completely mysterious. It’s the source of indescribable ecstasy and unforgettable frustration… getting lost in one the one hand, one the other hand land. It’s late.

There’s this farmer who used to be at the local awesome farmers market down here in Pensacola and he has this bizarre health problem where he can’t die. Haven’t seen him in a few years but last year he was like a hundred and eighty years old and couldn’t seem to die. And he really wanted to. He believes in Heaven, which of course is ridiculous, and is stuck on Earth. He’s not healthy and has had cancer a couple of times, still suffers from intermittent arthritis and incontinence and has mild emphysema but he can’t fucking die. A hundred and eighty years old. He sleeps like four hours a night and spends his days painting acrylics of old French and Spanish houses, of all things, and has outlived his great grandchildren. It’s just fucking weird. Haven’t seen him in a while. Hoping he’s figured it out.

Keeping bees in the backyard now. It’s getting more and more popular with the young metrosexual, hipster and progressives of this generation and of course this isn’t the standard beehive. It’s a Kenyan Topbar hive - the kind that’s really popular in Portland, Oregon - and this one has a fucking glass viewing window and it’s painted purple and white with multicolored Jackson Pollock silly-string all over it and an aluminum crown. Interesting side note - the guy, Bruce who did the silly-string painting is one of the many Pensacola children of military families and says that his family was so socially conservative that to paint a room off-white instead of white would have been unthinkably wild. Anyway the bees have been nothing but gentle, and the only sting, so far, has been one on the forehead while literally shaking the three pounds of bees out of the wood and wire-screen box they were mailed in. They are, of course, organic bees from an apiary in Tennessee (Wolf Creek), who supposedly breed them back toward their natural pre-honey-industry smaller size, making them more resistant to the mites that have begun ravaging bee population over the last twenty or thirty years.

Waking up really early tomorrow - 6:30 at the latest supposedly - to henna Rivka’s eight month pregnant belly as part of her magnificent baby shower outfit, complete with wedding tiara and colored ribbons over her freshly shaved head. She doesn’t know that there’s going to be an all-female Blessingway ceremony before the house party, facilitated by some of our very special local matriarchs and other humble tribe members. Rinah and her daddy will hang out at Open Books - the all volunteer Prison Books bookstore with Ryan the architect/trombone player and of course eternal student.

Thinking of calling our church the Temple of Wow.