Dzus Won Boobee?

Rinah gets off the potty and runs down the hall announcing, “I Pedew Pumpkin-eatew’d.”

She pronounces the word partner with three syllables.

She has mastered the art of both loud and gentle random harmonica dancing.

When pooping alone in the bathroom, she occasionally calls out to one of us, “I law you so, so, so, so, so muts”. It’s that primal connection between the colon and the heart.

“Loo’ my leedoo baybee, daddee. I’n takin’ heaw to soool so I can weed heaw a boo’”.

She’ll run around with one boot on saying, “I loo’ lie’ an owed laydee”.

A couple of months ago she began reading - a little address book from Rivka’s days in school. Every page read, apparently, “Dea wazan owed laydee who had one soo’.”.

She makes her own variations of words like, “I’n tawkin’ on a telepowhbie! Eee he he he he. Hey He-Lenan Mawk. Wea’ doon pwiedy dood.”

Her relationship with the animals? “But I wahned to heuwt Wags!? Otay, I’we be nice to deh animews.”

“I peedin my pants. I not dun dewit a-den. Tan I please ha’ dzus won boobee?”