365 Fortunate Mistakes

Having succeeded at failing is cause for celebration, especially after so many relatively inconsequential failures in the past. Making as many mistakes as possible is a path to wisdom and there is at least some variation in the manifestation, demonstrating that experience has been gained.

If we each stretch one leg, we can call it splitting a split.

Parents are dying. Liver disease. Heart disease. Cancer. Not today and maybe not this year. Maybe not even this decade, but ultimately the dying happens now. Now, and subsequently then, having conveyed a deeper capacity for compassion.Will you each, Momma and Papa, take your fifteen minutes of not being strong? Please feel free to. The courage to ask you what it’s like? Rude, imposing, entitled child?

A completion, having run course concurrent with a series of cosmic years. A nanosecond is the time it takes a particle of light to go about three feet. How many nanoseconds do you think you can hold that thought for?

Didn’t think so. Consider it a failure worth celebrating.