Is there any place where the state of prematurity is desirable? Possibly in plants, when you’re not ready to pick them. But more likely those plants will be described as immature, unless they are harvested while still immature, in which case the harvesting will have been premature.

Premature ejaculation is, beyond a certain level of maturity, at least, something a man succumbs to. No pun intended. It happens when focus is either on the penis, her potential orgasm, or both. And concentration is most likely diffused. A humbling reminder that sexuality and it’s spiritual rulers are the boss, and you are not. You may respectfully study the art, but do not attempt to control it or you will be flogged.

Nothing to do but laugh and study the kundalini rainbow methods of transmitting that powerful root energy beyond it’s limiting lusty swamps and up through the heart and beyond, cultivating infinite spirals of wordless communication. And always, always eluding the traps of our tricky intellect.