x-x-x-x-x. Jersey City



| | | — | | So typical. One of the bright points of the “historic” street names, has been that one is Peggy Stewart Way. Awesome. A woman. Great. Upon further research, unless they are veering off into B-Movie stars of the 1930’s, Peggy Stewart is the name of a ship that was burned in the 1700’s, having something to do with taxation, in an event that came to be known as the Annapolis Tea Party. So much for feminism. Taking long walks around the “woods” here with Rags, and Rinah in the baby pack; we have this awesome papoose coat, she rides around in. Walking through these “woods” is like the hiking version of eating the decorative parsley off your dinner plate in a restaurant. You can only go like a city block in just about any direction before finding a condo or a highway, but if you’re slick, you can actually stay in the trees for about a mile. When will this baby drop? |

Wilding. Mike |