x-x-x-x-x. industrial hip-hop

Twntey Five/April/Five


| | | — | | Inherited a shitload of money (by our standards). Miss y’all. On tour. Havin’ some fun. Plenty o’ good stories, funny shit and chaos:The club that didn’t know there was a show ‘cause the old booker quit amidst a flurry of bullshit. The kids in Russelville, AR (Nuclear Power Plant, Tyson Foods, Con Agra, One Crap Supermarket, you get the idea) who screamed “Ain’t no Party like a Mad Happy Party…” so loud btwn songs that it seemed like they didn’t need a perfromance at all. The guy who booked three out of town bands and no locals on a tuesday night. Luckily in a town where mad happy are rock stars anyway (ha ha). Dude is really the shit anyway. The girl in new orleans that always dresses up like a fearie. New toyota camry. 2005, mo’ lovers. New compilation out which you’ll all buy very fuckin’ soon. If only to get links to secret naked photos of hot-ass boys and girls whom you already know. Hope to see you very soon. Props to Serengeti, Trachiotomy and El Tonios, JaGoFF, Zef Noi$e and Kill Audio, Tiana Hux, Jack Acid, Nolo and LC in Springfield, Mikronaut, Don Libido, Girls Rise w/ Heat, Shinyville, Esthing, Briokids massive and all MH rokkin’ crew bands, clubs, screamers and dancers.

love and kisses. Mike iLL |