x-x-x-x-x. Ortiz. Transmission from Hell. new Jersey


| | | — | | Got what they wanted, I guess. The majority. Swinging hard to the right. Hopefully a wake-up call for all the good liberal democrats who shy away from Nader and the anti-World Bank set. The hard left needs your love to magnetize things back toward the middle. Education. Arts. Sex. Love. Fun. Transmission from Hell. Back and forth. In and out of the shop. Me with the dum faith of a Gypsie walking into the gas chamber. Rivka finally layed down the law. Good-bye van. Tomorrow we take a 40 hour train ride home. Back to the world of no ride. Hmmmm. Long time. Told the scum bag mechanic, Carlos Ortiz, Jersey City, New Jersey, what I think of him. Too bad he hires so many cocaine casualties. Poor ghettoized souls. Fuck ‘em. Should be an interesting ride. A plague of Bushes. Everything is less funny. Mike iLL