x-x-x-x-x. Politics of Sex, Noise and Depression


| | | — | | Issue number 200. wow. First hundred are on an old disc somewhere, waiting for the correct technology to be recovered and uploaded. Last friday’s show was terrific. Wow. Drop the Lime, Hearts of Darknesses, Girl Talk, Mutiny Zoo, Gaskets, Econ, Kid Ginseng. Drope! Van had died again. A grinding halt on the DC beltway, followed by a $270.00 tow to New Jersey. A guarantee of “done by Friday” became “Saturday” became “Monday morning”. Just enough time to drive strait from NYC to Pensacola and vote. Haggled over $100 for an hour at 4:00 PM today, Monday and drove off at 5:00; rush hour. Radio has no power and back door has a dent by the lock, which will now only open from the inside. Hmmm. Transmission lost all power within’ 10 miles from the shop, which is now closed. Sure hope Bush doesn’t win by two votes. We suck. Ghetto mother fuckers. Whoops. Good thing we fucked each other’s brains out last night. Sex is the name of a pretty decent porn magazine. We dig Rocco Sofredi (spelling?)as well. Nice when it looks like a party. Everything is still funny. Mike iLL